Press Release: Protest to the US Embassy in Serbia – it is wrong to celebrate the chetnik’s role in WWII

The Congress of North American Bosniaks is appalled by the shameful
and embarrassing decision of the United States Ambassador to Serbia
Kyle Scott to celebrate the chetnik’s role in World War II.

On June 19th, he hosted the event promoting the myth that Serbian
pro-Nazi chetnik troops saved the US pilots during World War II. The
only allies US Army had during WWII were partisans. Chetniks and other
Serbian pro-Nazi troops were too busy executing Jews in Serbia
ensuring that Serbia would be the first country under Nazi regime free
of Jews. The Chetnik troops also committed the most heinous massacres
against Bosniak civilians in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Ambassador Scott would be best served to learn and educate himself
about the history of former Yugoslavian countries before committing
further blunders.