Golden Lily Academy

To successfully implement activities outlined in our Vision statement, Golden Lily Academy is established with a goal of enriching the active role of Bosniaks in the U.S. and Canada through educational, economic, social, political, and cultural empowerment.

The Golden Lily Academy:

  • Educates leaders
  • Connects community
  • Facilitates important discussions. 

Under the umbrella of the Golden Lily Academy, the following programs will take place:

Workshops: Organized in a closed forum and a virtual format (prior registration required), a series of workshops are organized for professionals and students alike who are interested in civic engagement and community activism. Workshops focus on education and aim to build leadership capacity through community involvement. These workshops will be run by the subject matter experts both from inside and outside our community. Workshop participants are prepared to make meaningful change in the community and their professional and personal circles of influence. Upon completion of workshops, participants will be better equipped to act as a voice of Bosniaks in the U.S./Canada and be able to confidently expresses Bosniak position and opinion. These workshops also aim to build diverse networks of peers and mentors. 

Forums: Organized in an open forum for all community members, Golden Lily Academy will organize programs, events, and activities that celebrate victories, recognize achievements, and build confidence of our community members. In particular, we will celebrate the work of accomplished Bosniaks and our friends in the fields of arts, culture, history, tradition, science, education and other topics of interest to Bosniak American and Canadian communities. 

Another stream of this program will bring together community leaders, activists and subject matter experts from the U.S., Canada and around the world to facilitate discussions on topics that are important to the Bosniak American/Canadian communities and our homeland.