About CBNA

The Congress of Bosniaks of North America (CBNA) is an independent and non-partisan national organization of North American Bosniaks. 

The CBNA articulates and represents Bosniak interests and promotes positive aspects of Bosniak cultural, historical, ethnic, and religious heritage, Bosniak ethics, and Bosniak values ​​in the United States and Canada. 

CBNA Mission: 

CBNA is a national organization that aims to enrich active citizenship of Bosniaks in North America through community empowerment and activism, leadership, preservation of heritage, and remembrance.

CBNA Vision: 

Enrich the active role of Bosniaks in the U.S. and Canada through educational, economic, social, political, and cultural empowerment. 

Act as a voice of Bosniaks in the U.S./Canada; confidently expresses Bosniak position and opinion.

About CBNA

Build a network and increase visibility of the Bosniak community in the American and Canadian society. 

Organize programs, events, and activities that celebrate victories, recognize achievements, and build confidence of our community members.

Share knowledge, expertise, resources, and offer our hand of support to other Bosniaks and respective institutions that share our vision and values.  

Mentor young Bosniaks to encourage, motivate and provide guidance to assist the next generation of being active and involved in our communities and cause.