CNAB Letter to Honorable Members of the Canadian Parliament

CNAB Letter to Honorable Members of the Canadian ParliamentThe Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB), representing interests of more than 350,000 Bosniaks in North America, and more than 50,000 Canadian Bosniaks, calls upon all members of the Canadian parliament to support the resolution M-416 on the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

This resolution is of utmost importance as a means of bringing about justice for the victims of genocide. By supporting this resolution, you will help to ensure that the world knows the truth about the aggression and genocide in Bosnia, and that these kinds of atrocities are never repeated anywhere in the world. If we do not formally acknowledge what took place, we are destined to repeat the same mistakes that allowed for such crimes to take place.

We thank all the members of the Canadian Parliament who have already expressed support for the resolution. To those members who have yet to join the cause, we ask you to consider the message it would send to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who are desperate to reconcile and live in peace. There can be no lasting peace or reconcilement in Bosnia and Herzegovina without the support of the international community in order to take the next steps forward toward euro-Atlantic integration. We also ask you to consider such a resolution as in the best interest of the Canadian citizens who have often shown solidarity with the Bosniak people both here and abroad.

Canadian Bosniaks have successfully integrated themselves over the years and are model citizens of Canada, working for the betterment of their newfound communities. They are locally represented by the Canadian Branch of CNAB who have been working diligently with the members of the parliament to ensure this resolution is accurately communicated and that the vote takes place by the end of the year. Your support will be greatly appreciated by the entire Bosniak community in Canada.

Thank you again for your consideration in this very important matter.


Haris Alibašić, MPA
President of the CNAB Board of Directors