American Professors as the Wealth of AUBiH

American Professors as the Wealth of AUBiHAll professors teaching at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina work and live with their families in our country. AUBiH has secured accommodation for them and made sure they have a pleasant stay and work.

“We are very proud of the fact that only American professors teach at AUBiH, because we believe that it is precisely them who can best apply the US education system here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we select a particular teaching staff profile – in addition to high academic standards, it also includes a high level of motivation and drive to efficiently transfer knowledge to our students”, says Denis Prcić, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

AUBiH proudly points out that students and professors participate in class on an equal, well-argumented ground by complying with the world standards applied in the teaching process. They discuss issues freely and rationally, arrive at conclusions and judgments on all important topics within the teaching process. In that way, students not only acquire knowledge but also the experience of a free and well-argumented participation in the areas of management and decision-making.

“We all agree in our efforts and wishes for students to develop their critical thinking. That being our goal, students are expected to have a high level of conduct and critical thinking. All of this makes my stay here very pleasant, from both professional and private points of view. I am investing my time and my life here and I would like the students to recognize that they can build their future at American University in BiH”, explains Dr. John Jones, one of the lecturers and professors at AUBiH.

Professors teaching at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina are experienced academic professionals and PhDs who received their education and had extensive academic practice at most-renowned universities in the United States of America. The current student-professor ratio is 30:1, which means that one professor is working with a group of 30 students on average.