American Dream Possible in Bosnia and Herzegovina

American Dream Possible in Bosnia and Herzegovina2009/2010 ADMISSIONS

American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Two diplomas, top-quality education, individual student care and social responsibility guarantee your confidence in American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Two diplomas, one from AUBiH and the other – internationally-recognized SUNY diploma, the US education system, distinguished US professors, US textbooks, the distance-learning system and access to a digital library offering more than 18 million various titles, career-oriented study ensuring a high level of job opportunities, paid internship in the USA and internship in BiH, classes in English, as well as rather favorable study financing terms, are some of the advantages that AUBiH offers to its students.

Within this distinguished institution of higher education, students attending the College of International Finance and Banking, the College of Digital Economy and Information Technologies and the College of International Law and Diplomacy in Tuzla and Sarajevo, will, in addition to receiving the AUBiH diploma, also receive the internationally-recognized diploma from the State University of New York (SUNY).

Following the founding the College of International Law in Banjaluka in March earlier this year, AUBiH is planning to open a College in Belgrade.

“Students, parents, employers, business partners, institutions of various profiles, associations of citizens and the diaspora all support the work of AUBiH and recognize in it a top-quality, prosperous institution of higher education, and a chance for a better BiH. Together we build mutual trust based on stable grounds: the quality of education founded on the US education system, the care for every single individual student and the social responsibility we present through various projects. One such project is the donation of 33 scholarships to students across BiH, entitled “A Million Dollars for the American Dream”. In view of all the stated facts, the interest of prospective students and parents in admission to AUBiH and one of its Colleges is fast-growing.”, says Denis Prcić, Chairman of the AUBiH Board of Trustees.

One of the important factors of success of American University in BiH is the original way of adapting the US education system to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s local circumstances. Admission to College is a very important life decision. Young people graduating from high schools are at a crossroads as to their future professional and private orientation. On the other hand, parents are perhaps even more aware of that fact, as we all want the best for our children.

“Our success is primarily based on the warm human approach towards every single individual student and parent. The personal approach includes a realistic presentation of our abilities, recognizing and highlighting the skills and special gifts each student may have, but also pointing to certain disadvantages in particular students”, explains Mr. Prcić, adding that “following the initial contact in preliminary discussions with candidates, prior to admission, everybody understands that this is not about mere selling and lobbying, rather about true care for the well-being of every single individual. I would like to point out that the students actually stay with their families throughout the studies and that they do not have to abroad to acquire skills and knowledge offered by the US education system”, highlights Mr. Prcić.

Parents’ recommendations

Ljutvo Hajrović, father of Kenan Hajrović from Sarajevo, a student currently in his 2nd year of study at the College of International Finance and Banking, is, first and foremost, a parent but also an employer (a distinguished BiH businessman and owner of Dallas company). Mr.Hajrović is very happy with American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina being the choice his son had made, as he notices that Kenan is focused on what he will need in the future. He points out that „perfect English command is most important, as well as the fact that he is studying at a specialized department. In addition, Mr.Hajrović also addressed the educational importance of the University: “Sometimes the professors and other college staff know more about my child than I do, because they are constantly updated with what is going on and are available to him all the time.“. He points out that whenever he can he recommends AUBiH to other parents and students. „After all, my second child is enrolling in AUBiH this year too, as I believe that with AUBiH, the American dream is possible in BiH, too”, says Mr. Hajrović.

Mirsad Ibrić, father of Nejra Ibrić from Sarajevo, currently in her first year of study at the College of International Finance and Banking, has a similar position. As a parent and employer (well-known journalist and owner of Radio M), says that his daughter’s studies at AUBiH has resulted in a great home atmosphere, where she transfers her great enthusiasm onto other family members. Mr. Ibrić particularly stresses the importance of having one semester of study in the USA and the importance of the US education system. “That is why I recommended this University to a parent who has already discussed it with one of the AUBiH managers”, concludes Mr. Ibrić.

Marinko Mikulić is the father of Martin Mikulić from Široki Brijeg, who is currently in his first year of study at the College of International Law and Diplomacy: “We opted for AUBiH because we believe that our son Martin will, once he graduates, be able to choose a job in the most relevant institutions, and not be on a waiting list at the Employment Office. Therefore, we believe that he will have top-quality education, and be competitive in his own country, and anywhere else in the world. I also count on the fact that our country is heading towards the European Union, and that young professionals of this profile will be needed in the BiH market in the future.”

Jovanka Hrkić from Bihać, mother of Boris Hrkić, currently in his first year of study at the College of Digital Economy and Information Technologies, believes that the dual diploma and the very character of the University, i.e. the bond between digital economy and information technologies, are the best advantages of studying at AUBiH. “The English language is also very important, and a college such as this most certainly has a future, while my son will, I am convinced, have a secured and safe existence in the future. I would certainly recommend this University to all parents, and the fact that my own child is studying here best confirms it“, stresses Ms. Hrkić.

Suada Čamdžić from Tuzla, mother of Naida Čamdžić, currently in her third year of study at the College of International Finance and Banking, believes that choosing this College was the right thing to do because “I would do the same as a parent after these three years. I have always believed in AUBiH, although my daughter’s generation was the first generation to enroll in this University. The quality has never been brought into question, and the proof the university is heading forward is the fact that the first generation of students will soon spread the glory of American University”, concludes Ms Čamdžić.

“Just like with any other mother, the happiness of my children is what matters most to me”, says Elzana Karakaš from Travnik at the beginning of our conversation. Her daughter Belma Karakaš, currently in her second year of study at the College of International Finance and Banking, and continues, “Belma first studied law at a public university, and now I am aware that it was only when she enrolled in AUBiH that she made the right choice. As she is happy with the relationship between the professors and their students and their openness at any moment, we have had all the necessary information we needed from the very beginning. This method of work is proof that communication and showing respect for all students does matter.“

Jobs guaranteed

Mijo Mišić, President of the Banks’ Association in BiH and a Member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees, believes that the financial sector in BiH, more specifically the banking sector, will recognize the graduates of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina as they have particular specificities. “In the last couple of years, the number of newly-hired staff in the banking sector was about one thousand a year. We are, of course, counting on the graduates of American University.”, says Mijo Mišić. Mirsad Kurtović, Director of UNITIC Center in Sarajevo and a Member of the AUBiH Board of Trustees highlights the advantages of studying at AUBiH: „Everything available to the partner SUNY Campus is available to our students. In addition to contemporary teaching methods, very good literature, our students have very good work conditions, which means that the premises are of the so-called top creation, the one contemporary business requires, in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banjaluka”.

“The confidence the students and parents gained in us are an additional motivation for us to strive in our positive mission. In our operation in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region, we want to promote and apply the best quality principles and methods in higher education, founded on the tradition of the system of education of the United States of America. In this way, AUBiH guarantees its students top-quality education and acquiring skills and knowledge necessary for personal and professional success, as well as the development of economic perspectives for Bosnia and Herzegovina as a future member of the European Union”, concludes Denis Prcić, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visit of the State University of New York (SUNY) Representatives: The first generation of AUBiH students travelling to New York this summer

Representatives of the partner State University of New York (SUNY), Dr. William Trumble, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Ryan Deuel, SUNY Head of Administration and International Cooperation Department, paid a visit to American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH). Receptions were also organized for the SUNY representatives at the Embassy of the United States of America to BiH – a meeting with Ambassador Charles English, a meeting with Haris Silajdžić, Presidency Member, at the BiH Presidency, and a meeting with Mirzeta Hadžić Suljkić, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Tuzla Canton. Accompanied with Denis Prcić, Chairman of the AUBiH Board of Trustees, the guests from New York visited AUBiH premises in Tuzla, Sarajevo and Banjaluka, addressed all AUBiH students and had meetings with the University management team. During their stay in Banjaluka, SUNY representatives had a meeting with the Vice-President of the Government of the Republika Srpska and Anton Kasipović, the RS Minister of Education. After that SUNY representatives and president of the Board of Trustees of AUBiH Denis Prcić paid a visit to Belgrade.

AUBiH Progress

In his address to all AUBiH students, Dr. Trumble pointed out that SUNY is very happy with the progress AUBiH has made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and stressed the fact that the one-semester visit to SUNY Campus will be a life-time experience for each individual student.

“Next year we will have our first graduates who will become internationally acknowledged and become the main group of leaders in this region”, noted Dr. Trumble.

In addition, Dr. Trumble informed the students that SUNY is working on new programs that the largest US university is planning to implement in cooperation with the AUBiH management: “Since the success of AUBiH has become evident, we have recently initiated a discussion concerning student exchange in both directions. Once you visit us, you will have plenty of opportunities to continue the cooperation.“

Explaining that SUNY development ensures over 200 various distance-learning programs on offer every year, in his address to the students, Dr. Trumble said that they will, owing to this type of education, receive the SUNY diploma, too. The dual diploma program is rather unusual, claimed Dr. Trumble, and added that it is precisely due to this fact that AUBiH students will have a special place in the labor market. However, if they wish to work in the USA, all AUBiH students need to do is apply with the SUNY Office of Employment, stressed Dr. Trumble, adding that he will do his best to provide AUBiH students with adequate jobs in the USA in that case.

During the Banjaluka visit, SUNY Head of Administration and International Cooperation Department Ryan Deuel pointed out that he was looking forward to the third AUBiH Campus being opened, in addition to the campuses in Tuzla and Sarajevo. He was also happy in view of the possible expansion of the University to include Belgrade, i.e. Serbia and most of BiH.”.

Investing in education as the most profitable investment

Denis Prcić, Chairman of the AUBiH Board of Trustees, accompanying Dr. William Trumble and Dr. Šefik Mulabegović, the President of AUBiH in Tuzla, visited Mirzeta Hadžić Suljkić, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports. Extending her support to the work and the mission of AUBiH, Minister Hadžić Suljkić stressed that investment in education is the most profitable investment. “I am very grateful for you to have selected Tuzla as the seat of your University and recognized Tuzla as an environment good for making investments. I believe that the contemporary teaching methods that you are using are very important, as they indirectly expand to other education institutions. In view of that type of education, students from other universities are beginning to set new requirements in their respective areas.”

Tuition fee payment in installments

SUNY and AUBiH policy is to provide an equal opportunity to study for everyone. With this in mind, AUBiH has offered several very convenient payment options. The tuition fee is 5, 500 EUR per academic year. Starting this year, apart from the student loan with a 12-year repayment period and grace period of 5 years, the annual tuition fee can also be payed in 8 monthly installments.

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