CNAB’s Open Letter to the Bosniak Community

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CNAB's Open Letter to the Bosniak CommunityThe Congress of North American Bosniaks held a Special Assembly in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 28, 2009. The purpose of the meeting was to resolve organizational
and leadership issues arisen from the St. Louis meeting held in May of 2008. In order to adequately and completely inform each and every one of our many communities we announced the meetings and sent certified letters to individuals, congregations and communities alike so that we could be assured they all received notice.

We subsequently publicized the outcome of the Assembly so that we could be assured all interested parties and individuals received thorough and complete information.

The purpose of all these meetings has been always the same: to work together for the benefit of all Bosniaks.

Some individuals chose not to come, preferring instead to act against the best Bosniak interests. Others attended, voiced their views and opinions, and now they work with us in strengthening the organization and the entire Bosniak community. In order for CNAB to continue its activism for the benefit of Bosniaks at home and in diaspora into the next decade, the Tenth Assembly scheduled for Jacksonville, Florida in May 2009 shall be held the atmosphere of a frank and open dialogue with all its registered members of CNAB,
delegates of his/her community/state chapters of CNAB, and members of other Bosniak and pro-Bosnian organizations.

Therefore, we invite all, who wish CNAB to continue, to attend the CNAB Assembly in Jacksonville, FL.

CNAB Board of Directors