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It’s Time We Started Talking About the Bosnian Genocide

We need to start thinking of the genocide committed in Srebrenica as being to the Bosnian Genocide what the Auschwitz extermination camp was to the Holocaust – one preeminent and visceral example of a much larger genocidal campaign. It’s unfortunate that the solid evidence that has been collected over the past decade and a half proving that genocide took place, the international court rulings that unequivocally state that it did, and the national as well as international resolutions that formally acknowledge that it did are all seemingly ignored by a majority of those charged with informing the American public.

Serb Crosses Over Srebrenica

Author: Daniel Toljaga In 1999 the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) illegally misappropriated Bosniak-owned (Bosnian Muslim) land for the purpose of constructing a church in Potocari, a village that was almost entirely (93 percent) Bosniak before the war.