White Armband Day

White Armband Day

Today, we commemorate White Armband Day, May 31st, with heavy hearts and solemn reflections. On this day, we remember the innocent lives lost in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We wear white armbands as a symbol of purity and a silent tribute to those who suffered and perished.

The streets of Prijedor, once filled with laughter and life, became the grounds of unspeakable horrors. Families were torn apart, communities shattered, and dreams extinguished. The white armband, forced upon our community members, marked them for persecution, their only “crime” being their identity.

As we don these armbands today, we remember the men, women, and children who faced unimaginable fear and pain. We honor their memories and the strength they showed in the face of such darkness. Their voices, silenced by violence, speak to us still, urging us to remember, to bear witness, and to stand against hatred and intolerance.

Prijedor’s tragedy is a stark reminder of the depths of human cruelty and the enduring need for justice and reconciliation. In remembering the victims, we acknowledge the survivors’ resilience and the ongoing journey towards healing. We stand in solidarity with them, affirming that their suffering will not be forgotten.

On this day, let us reflect on the values of humanity, compassion, and unity. Let us educate ourselves and others about the atrocities of the past to ensure such horrors never occur again. Through remembrance, we honor the fallen and renew our commitment to a world where everyone can live in peace and dignity.

May the memory of the victims of Prijedor guide us towards a future where love triumphs over hatred, and justice prevails over injustice. We remember, we honor, and we vow – never again.