CBNA Urges US Officials to Counter Rampant Genocide Denial

The Congress of Bosniaks of North America reached out to government officials in Washington D.C. expressing alarm on behalf of the Bosniak-American community regarding Milorad Dodik once again publicly denying genocide in Srebrenica. We urged decisive action on the part of the United States government to show that negating facts has consequences and that denying the truth will not be tolerated.

While the United States Congress passed two resolutions in 2005, affirming the United States support for the decision of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, we continue to face unprecedented levels of genocide denial in the Western Balkan region and beyond, at the highest levels of government.

We further stressed that Mr. Dodik’s continuance in government while disrespecting the State will continue to do serious damage to the credibility of and trust in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s institutions. The United States must continue to emphasize that the long-term sustainability of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s peace and security depends on the establishment of strong institutions which command public confidence and which uphold the rule of law.