Bosnia Mourns General Divjak, Defender of Sarajevo

Bosnia Mourns General Divjak, Defender of Sarajevo

Retired general Jovan Divjak died on Thursday, April 8 2021, after a prolonged illness, at the age of 84. He was a general in The Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and played a key role in defending it’s capital, Sarajevo, during the 1992-95 war.

Being an ethnic Serb, Divjak’s fight for Bosnia and Sarajevo became a symbol of the city’s resistance and it’s fight to maintain it’s multi ethnicity and religious diversity. Something Bosnia and Sarajevo have always promoted and been very proud of.

In his own words, Jovan’s stance was always one supporting a multi-ethnic Bosnia. “….I did not stay in Sarajevo as a Serb. I do not define my identity through religion or nationality. I am Jovan Divjak, a citizen of this country.”

May he rest in eternal peace.

Source: Balkan Insight