PRESS RELEASE: Dodik crossed the red line

Congress of North American Bosniaks condemns the recent destabilizing actions initiated and instigated by the Russian government-sponsored political duo: Aleksandar Vucic and Milorad Dodik. The latest news of the Mayor of Brcko complaining about the Bosnia and Herzegovina national flags in Brcko district is an example of flagrant disregard for the interest and desires of the majority population of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The international community imposed the blood-soaked Republika Srpska entity on Bosnia and Herzegovina. The same international community should use its proxy Office of the High Representative to impose sanctions against any politician who abuses his or her office to disrespect and work against the interest of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens.

Milorad Dodik’s actions can quickly escalate into a new armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He continually disrespects victims of genocide in BiH and perpetually denies Srebrenica genocide, forces deliberate interference with the progress of a legislation by various means in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, publicly attacks the free media, and denies fundamental human rights to returnees to the entity Republika Srpska such as getting a job or studying Bosnian language in public schools. He has launched the RS-Exit for the secession of Republika Srpska from Bosnia and Herzegovina through the dangerous attack to the Constitutional Court, a vital organ for the institutional balance of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He continuously disrespects the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which is a direct violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement. He should be held accountable for his continuous hateful speech and spreading hatred.

We call on High Representative Valentin Intzko to use the Bonn powers and remove the cancer of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s political life to enable Bosnia and Herzegovina to function correctly and move forward with membership in the EU and NATO.