Congratulatory letter to His Excellency Eric Nelson

Congratulatory letter to His Excellency Eric Nelson

The President of the Board of Directors of the Congress of North American Bosniaks sent a letter of congratulations to His Excellency Eric Nelson, stating the following:

Dear Honorable Ambassador,

On behalf of Bosniak Americans, The Congress of North American Bosniaks would like to extend our congratulations to you for being confirmed as the ninth U.S. ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina since its independence in 1992. 

After countless years of war, destruction, genocide, and political instability, residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina deserve peace, stability, economic prosperity, and a future free of concerns of recurrence of the war.  We expect your appointment will bring the leadership needed for more active US engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is critical to strengthening its course to full NATO membership and path to the European Union (EU).

We wish you success and extend our sincere backing to your diplomatic office in bringing democratic, political and economic reforms to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. The CNAB with its members stand ready to assist in these efforts and looks forward to opening a dialogue with you on issues that are of concerns for Bosniak Americans.

Best wishes for the achievements of your mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sincerely, Mirzet Mujcic
President of the CNAB Board of Directors