Importance of OSCE’s mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Importance of OSCE’s mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

OSCE’s mission has a leading role, within the international community of BiH, to support the reform of primary and secondary education in BiH, with the primary goal of eliminating discriminatory political policies and practices that underline ethnic segregation and mistrust. The mission should work to improve the quality of education throughout BiH and advocate policies that promote reconciliation, security and lasting peace.

The mere existence of three different, and mostly opposing versions of history in the curriculum, represents a significant threat to the possibility of a common civic awareness and future social cohesion in BiH.

This is manifesting itself in Bosnian history books and we are clearly witnessing this transpire in the education system of the RS entity.

Regarding the decision that students of the ninth grade in the RS entity, starting this year, will learn history from a new textbook, written by Dragisa D. Vasic, the political establishment of the RS is once again attempting to conduct a revision of historical, scientific and judicial facts about the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian language, Bosniaks, aggression and genocide. This affirms the continuity of the anticivilization processes of the RS entity as well as the moral failure and shame of the international community in BiH that is quietly observing. It is impermissible that the authority of the RS entity in which genocide was committed, is harboring ideology of aggression and genocide, endangering peace and security. We need education that, instead of fear, hatred and humiliation of others, will offer hope to young people in a better BiH. A country in which they will stay and where the truth and justice will be in alliance against the joint anti-Bosnian coalitions.

For reasons stated above, Congress of North American Bosniaks is requesting OSCE to remove the disputed textbook and put it out of further use in school curricula.