Open letter to President Obama

Open letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President Obama,We are writing to you in the name of 350,000 Bosniaks, citizens and residents of the USA. The reason of this letter is the most recent set of events in Bosnia that could ignite a new war front at the Europe’s doorstep, having grave consequences for the rest of the continent.

The Constitutional  Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina has ruled that so called “January 9. Day of “Republika Srpska,” which is one of entities, particularly Serb controlled, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, is unconstitutional. However, Serb nationalists and separatists with support from their mentors from Belgrade and Moscow have defied the court ruling and are in process of organizing referendum on the Constitutional  court ruling.

According to The Dayton Peace Accords, whose main architect is the USA, the Constitutional Court rulings are final and must be respected. This referendum is direct attack on the Dayton Peace Agreement and can shake the rest of Europe in the worse possible way. It is a test for next referendum which, according to main Bosnian Serb party SNSD, planned to take place in 2018. This next referendum would be an attempt to secede  Republika Srpska entity, whose foundation is a genocide and mass graves, into an independent nation, therefore fulfilling its dream of Greater Serbia, as previously attempted  by the orchestrators of the 1990s Balkan War, like the late Slobodan Milosevic.The attempt of separation of any part of Bosnia-Herzegovina and joining in to Serbia can have grave consequences for for rest of the Europe, especially destabilizing the European Union’s states near by.Dear Mr. President, as the president of the most powerful country in the world, the country that is a main architect and the guarantor of  The Dayton Peace Accord, we are asking you to do whatever is necessary to stop the latest attempts of Serb separatists of destabilizing Bosnia  before you leave the office.  If anti- Dayton peace action of Serb separatists are not stopped now, tomorrow may be a bit too late for Europe and rest of the world community. 

Respectfully ,Eldin ElezovicCongress of North American Bosniaks