NEW: CNAB Leadership Institute


Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB) has been working hard to set the foundation for a new, challenging and interesting phase. At the heart of our new successes is the focus on the future of our community: our youth! With that in mind, we wanted to create something specific for and by them. It is our pleasure to present you the initial phase of our newest project:

CNAB’s Institute for Leadership

…where Bosniak leaders prosper…

This project is specific in many ways but perhaps what separates it the most from others is that our young leaders will be a part of it from its beginning, so the institute itself will be their first project. WE want to listen to their voices, their challenges, ideas and wishes. Not only do we want to listen to them, we want to truly HEAR them.

It is our pleasure to announce that the initial phase of this project will take place at our annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday at 1:00PM at the Community of Bosniaks Georgia. The facilitators of this workshop will be Edina Skaljic, member of KBSA Board of Directors and Prof. Ida SeferRoche. The focus of the workshop will be the challenges our youth faces be it with working with our community, their Bosniak identity and/or working with other communities. Those who attend will have an opportunity to hear about the specific focuses of the project and how they can become a part of it. It is important to mention that the conversation with our youth in Atlanta will only be the beginning because we plan to get in touch with Bosniak youth across the USA and Canada. That contact will be done through various forms of communication, from online surveys to focus groups across different cities to different opportunities to make to personally contact the leader of this project.

Please join us and share this information with all those who you think might be interested. Thank you in advance!

To learn more about our conference in Atlanta, please visit . If you have any questions, contact Edina Skaljic at .