ICNAB: Statement about six individuals of Bosnian descent accused of terrorist activity

ICNABThe Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks – ICNAB, is an umbrella organization that consists of Bosniak based communities throughout North America. These communities teach authentic Islamic values of adherence to the faith of Islam and good citizenship. Bosniaks have lived in North America for over a hundred years as peaceful and law-abiding citizens. Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks and its leadership have always promoted recognizable and distinctive teachings of peace and tolerance. Bosnian Muslims have lived in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society for centuries, and it is these values that we proudly promote.

We are very shocked that a few individuals of Bosnian descent who live in the United States have recently been arrested and charged because of their support of terrorist activities. On behalf of Bosniaks in North America, we strongly condemn any activity that promotes extremism and terrorism of any kind.

All of our communities stand united in condemnation of terrorist activities and terrorism overall. We believe in the justice system of the United States and that all perpetrators of any type of illegal activity will be brought to justice. Muslims from all corners of the world find in Islam a faith that teaches good character and devotion, not one that calls towards hatred or any kind of injustice to another human being.


Imam Sabahudin Ćeman

Statement about 6 individuals of Bosnian descent