Brian Masse Statement on White Armband Day

Brian Masse Statement on White Armband DayBrian Masse is a member of the Canadian Parliament, sponsor of the Resolution of the genocide in Srebrenica, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was adopted in the Canadian Parliament and Vice President of Bosnian Caucus in the Canadian Parliament

I am proud to support Worldwide White Armband Day—part of a global campaign to stop genocide denial.

On May 31st 1992, the authorities in Prijedor, a town in north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina, ordered all non-Serbs to mark their houses with white flags or sheets and to wear a white armband if they left their houses.

Today we are reminded of the brutality of hatred and the human capacity for unspeakable cruelty. We are all tasked with a duty to ensure that the crimes of genocide and torture are permanently eradicated, that the victims of such crimes are remembered, and that perpetrators are exposed and brought to justice.

Today is a day to remember and support the victims of atrocities, along with the entire global community committed to truth, justice and respect for victims and their families.