CNAB wishes all Americans a Happy 4th of July!

CNAB wishes all Americans a Happy 4th of July!The Congress of North American Bosniaks  wishes a Happy 4th of July to all Americans, including Bosniak Americans who call the United States their home. On this day, 236 years ago,  the  U.S. founding fathers, inspired by the desire for freedom, justice, and prosperity, signed the Declaration of Independence, a document that serves as the single most cherished symbol of liberty in the modern era.

The democratic values of liberty and justice for all have since then become known as universal values,  so that the citizens of the world see the United States as a model of freedom and equality, and hope that they can have the same freedoms and aspirations for a better life in their respective corners of the world. Bosniaks are no exception to these aspiration, because this day serves as a somber reminder of the painful struggles they, like their American friends, went through for the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia  still faces a  difficult road ahead for a lasting peace, stability, and economic prosperity for its citizens.   We call for action to ensure that the same democratic principles that unite so many Americans on this day of celebration are applied in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to bring about long term peace and stability for all of its citizens.

Happy 4th of July!

CNAB Board of Directors