CNAB condemns the planned flooding of Bosniak property

CNAB condemns the planned flooding of Bosniak propertyThe Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB) strongly condemns the plans of the smaller entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the RS, to flood the Bosniak owned properties around the Sutjeska and Drina rivers. The plan  to build four hydro plants next year on Bosniak owned land in eastern Bosnia is the latest attempt by the RS authorities to expropriate and expel Bosniak returnees in a continuation of the ethnic cleansing policies conducted against Bosniaks in Bosnia.

We demand of the Office of the High Representatives to review and stop the policies of insidious attempts by the RS to continue to policies of ethnic cleansing and forced removal of Bosniaks from their historic lands.

Hamdija Custovic, CNAB spokesperson