CNAB Press Release: On May 2, give Canada your best: give it your informed vote

CNAB Press Release: On May 2, give Canada your best: give it your informed vote

Voting is one of our basic civil rights and responsibilities in a democratic society and active participation actively in the political process. We can do this by becoming informed, by volunteering our time, and by supporting candidates who understand and uphold our concerns.

Political engagement and informed voting gives us a say on issues that concern all of us. Informed voting upholds our universal rights to health, education, dignity of life and good governance; it ensures the integrity and accountability of our political institutions, and it reflects on our standing in the international community.

In this election we cannot afford to remain silent. It is our civic, religious and moral duty to make sure that Canada remains just, inclusive, fair and peaceful, not only for us, but for the entire world. We have a voice, but if it isn’t expressed on Election Day, our vote will become a non-vote. And we can no longer afford even a single preventable non-vote.

The bottom line for all Canadians Bosniaks is that there is no acceptable reason to not vote. In an election that promises to be as close as this one, it is time for Canada’s Bosniak communities to vote and make a difference. In politics there are those who make things happen; there are those who watch things happen and there are those who wonder what happened. It is up to all of us to decide what category we belong to.

For more information about voting, including how to vote, how to register for voting, locations of polling stations and advance polling stations, please visit the official Elections Canada following site:

For more information about the candidates in your riding, the political parties and the issues of the election, we suggest the following major media sites:

CBC News:
CTV News:


Hamdija Custovic
CNAB Spokesperson