Lawsuit Against “La Nation” for Srebrenica Genocide Denial

Lawsuit Against "La Nation" for Srebrenica Genocide DenialA human rights group is suing a Swiss newspaper for denying there was a Serb genocide of Bosniaks in the town of Srebrenica in 1995.

Fadila Memisevic, of the Bosnian branch of the Germany-based Society for Threatened Peoples, said her organization filed suit jointly Monday with the Swiss Association Against Impunity, TRIAL, in Lausanne. Swiss law prohibits genocide denial.

The semimonthly La Nation recently published a series of articles claiming that 2,000 soldiers were killed in the “pseudo-massacre” in Srebrenica.

Bosnian Serb forces overran the Muslim Bosniak town in July 1995 and executed 8,000 men and boys in the worst massacre in Europe since World War II. In 2007, the International Court of Justice ruled the executions were genocide.