“Patriotic Forces” Condemn Serb Disinformation of Public

"Patriotic Forces" Condemn Serb Disinformation of Public„Patriotic Forces“ deny public statement released by the Serb representatives concerning the poster «Bosnia dying» which has appeared on March 17, 2009 at the public discussion in the Parliament of Bosnia&Herzegovina about the Brcko district amendments.

Public statements issued through the certain Serb media are aimed to disinform the general public; therefore we are using this occasion to distance ourselves from the statements in which we were labeled «radical groups» and «war mongers».

Such media is using the methods of the Grandserb politics of brute force, threats and lynching of each and every person standing against the Project of Grand Serbia. We wish to draw the attention of the public to certain lies and deceptions coming from the part of so called RS, aforementioned entity which turns the truth into lie and lies into truth from the beginning of 1990-ies.

Our work so far has been in the spirit of patriotism and Bosniakhood and all those who visit our web pages and are somewhat acquainted with our work know what we are talking about.

On the poster there are no such words as ‘war’ and ‘invitation to war’. On the poster there are clearly written these words, quote: ‘..by the means of public protests, writing and mailing the letters..’ inviting the citizens and patriots of Bosnia-Herzegovina (B&H) to come with «The Quill Mightier than the Sword» into the fight for the preservation of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

So please do tell us what is untrue on our poster? Nobody can deny that so called RS is genocidal creation founded by the method of ethnic cleansing upon the spilled blood of Bosniaks. Everyday, Bosniak returnees are maltreated, abused and attacked, terrorized in the lesser entity; they are being attacked physically and their newly renovated homes and religious institutions are being burned; regularly there are threats of secession.

At the same time, Serb NGO war mongering organization «The choice is ours» regularly places posters all over the so called RS promoting secession and merging with Russia. These are the same people that complained about our posters. They were received in the RS government premises.

Other day, the chetniks from the association «Ravnagora chetnik movement» gathered in Visegrad (the place of terrible recent genocide, com.ed.) at so called «draza’s land» in the uniforms of former chetnik army. To remind you, in Visegrad only during most recent genocide in the 90-ies several thousands Bosniaks were murdered by chetniks. Those are indeed war mongering and aggressive moves against the sovereign and independent Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The problem is not in the posters which warn the people of Bosnia not to allow the decay of this country; the problem lies not in the posters which warn about Serb ethnic politicians who refuse to recognize the state Bosnia&Herzegovina and Bosnian state institutions.

Posters and pamphlets are the views of the patriots of Bosnia & Herzegovina who see the reality and by these means express their determination and refusal of «Prud agreement». We consider it only further partitioning and separation of Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is unacceptable to us, citizens of Bosnia & Herzegovina, and we will never agree to that. It is irrelevant to talk about the inch of Bosnia &Herzegovina when even a milimeter of Bosnian statehood is undeniable and beyond questioning!

It is necessary to publish that behind the forementioned title «Patriotic Forces», an alliance of associations, organizations and web portals does not stand a particular gov/non-gov. Institution, organization, political party, or an individual. Behind our name «Patriotic forces» stand thousands and thousands of patriots from Bosnia & Herzegovina both from mainland and diaspora. The most powerfull forces, such as Congress of North American Bosniaks, whose work is completely in line with the principles of the healthy western democracy, are under attack from Serb extremists, who are bothered with democratic activism and contribution of the Bosnian patriots.

At the end, we recommend to the politicians from the Bosnia’s lesser entity to, if they didn’t and are not acquainted with the Constitution of their own country, to read it again. Everyone has a democratic right to freedom of speech, a right provided by the very Constitution of Bosnia&Herzegovina. We are using that right to state to each and every one that we, patriots of Bosnia & Herzegovina, do care about Bosnian State – Bosnia & Herzegovina.