U.S. Congressman Russ Carnahan Pays Tribute to BiH Independence Day

U.S. Congressman Russ Carnahan Pays Tribute to BiH Independence DayHON. RUSS CARNAHAN of Missouri in the House of Representatives. Madam Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Bosnian independence. As a founding member and Co-Chairman of the Bosnian Caucus, and having the distinct pleasure of representing a growing, vibrant community of Bosnian-Americans in St. Louis, Missouri – one of the largest Bosnian-American communities in the U.S. – I am pleased to offer these encouraging words to recognize March 1 as Bosnian Independence Day.

Their appreciation for this country and opportunities it affords is reflected in their hard work and determination to make a difference in their communities and nation. Collectively, and as self-reliant individuals they have reinvigorated our St. Louis region, and exemplify the definition of good neighbors and friends. With an understanding that this nation’s greatness was built by those who sought out America and all she has to offer, we can during these hard times take comfort, learn by their example, and see that with a sense of community and purpose there is no challenge too great to overcome.

Today, I join Bosnian-Americans with great pride and hearty congratulations.
[Congressional Record: February 26, 2009 (Extensions)]
[Page E493]