CNAB Requests Inquiry: Many Bosnian Citizens in the US Have Not Received Voting Forms

Honorable Ambassador Douglas Davidson
Head of Mission OSCE in BiH
Fra Andela Zvizdovica 1A
71000 Sarajevo, BiH

Dr. Suad Arnautovic
President of the Central Election Commission of BiH

Mrs. Bozica Ban
Secretary General of the Central Election Commission of BiH
Mula Mustafe Beseskije 6
71000 Sarajevo, BiH

Dear Ambassador Davidson and Dr. Arnautovic,

Congress of North America Bosniaks (CNAB), an umbrella organization representing American and Canadian Bosniaks, is bringing to your attention serious issues about the forthcoming local elections in BiH. Many Bosnian American citizens have complained that they have not received their voting papers, even though they have registered to vote. This is a serious breach of election law in Bosnia and is a repeat of previous years’ failure to provide adequate documentation to Bosnian citizens who live abroad.

Many of those who have registered were expelled during the war by the aggression and ethnic cleansing policies of the “Republika Srpska” entity. This is a just a continuation of the policy of creating ethnically clean areas. CNAB requests an immediate inquiry into why many of those who have sent in their documents from the United States have not received their voting paperwork.

Thank you for your consideration.


On behalf of the CNAB
President of the Board of Directors
Emir Ramic