CNAB Seeks Sanctions Against Milorad Dodik

The establishment of Bosnia’s lesser entity in 1995, known as “Republika Srpska” or “RS” as a political entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina was the result of the Dayton Peace Agreements. Any disregard of the Dayton Agreement (by holding any sort of unilateral, monoethnic referendums in favor of Republika Srpska’s withdrawal or secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina) will result in the self-abolishment of RS and the return to a pre-Dayton constitutional setup of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (as determined by Bosnian constitution from 1990).

High representative for Bosnia-Hercegovina has clearly defined and he had applied sanctions and other measures against any politician who violated the clauses of Dayton Agreement, removing many of them from their posts or permanently forbidding their political activity (in Bosnia-Hercegovina, com.ed.).

The Congress of North American Bosniaks CNAB considers the High Representative’s refusal to remove Milorad Dodik from his post in Bosnia-Hercegovina an extremely dangerous precedent.

CNAB reminds once again that Election Commission for Bosnia-Hercegovina has clearly defined the requirements, formulated as a statement which leaders of all political parties in Bosnia-Hercegovina must sign beforehand, by which they oblige themselves to guarantee the adherence to the clauses of Dayton Agreement. In the case of any disobedience, non-compliance (and disregard for the Dayton Agreement in the past, com.ed.) the sanctions and forbiddance to take part in the elections would follow.

Milorad Dodik has evidently and publicly demonstrated his disregard for this agreement, which means that Dodik and his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats Party should not be allowed to participate in the Fall elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is the opinion of the CNAB that if they are allowed to take part in the elections, a very serious precedent will occur, which will encourage other parties, specially those from “RS”, to utilize these unforgivable and non-permissible formulations directed against the statehood, sovereignty, independency and unity of the State of Bosnia-Hercegovina. (And before all peace and mutual coexistence in Bosnia-Hercegovina, com.ed.)

In this respect CNAB demands from the High Representative of the International Community in Bosnia-Hercegovina to sanction said one Milorad Dodik, currently a president of the lesser entity of Bosnia-Hercegovina, because of his (unpardonable, com.ed.) statement about secession of this entity from Bosnia-Hercegovina, in order to prevent the legalization of the extremism and declarative support for the division of Bosnia-Hercegovina. This measure is necessary, in order to prevent the creation of the atmosphere of intolerance and fear within Bosnia-Hercegovina. The public statement of Milorad Dodik, CNAB sees as an anti-constitutional activity with the intention to harm the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the State of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

The Congress of North American Bosniaks believes that after the above excess, other political parties, particularly those from the RS, will tus be encouraged to engage in releasing the unauthorized forms during pre-election campaigns with the aim of undermining the preservation of sovereignty, independence, and unity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given the above considerations, Congress of North American Bosniaks requests that the High Representative sanction Milorad Dodik, president of the Republic of Srpska, due to his referendum declaration in favor of the Republika Srpska separation from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sanctioning Dodika will prevent legalizing extremism and separation of the Republika Srpska as a political entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina and will also defend against the creation of an intolerant and fearful atmosphere in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Congress of North American Bosniaks recognizes Dodik’s statements to be in favor of actively seeking to destroy territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is the opinion of CNAB that “The Alliance of Independent Social-Democrats”/ “Savez nezavisnih socijaldemokrata” and its leader Milorad Dodik possess a premeditated, long-term strategy which has an ultimate goal in secession of lesser entity from Bosnia-Hercegovina. SNSD and Dodik are supporting the secession of the territories which were previously ethnically cleansed from all other non-Serbs, mainly Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats by the means of genocide. This issue proves that secession of the lesser entity, now known as “RS”, and not the alleged danger to the (Bosnian, com.ed.) Serbs, was the main reason and ultimate goal of the (Serbian and Montenegrian, com.ed.) genocide (conducted against Bosniaks, com.ed.)

This is, therefore, an attempt to fulfill the Grand-Serb project of (Interpol sought, suspected Serb war criminal on the run, com.ed.) Radovan Karadzic.

For this reason, CNAB invites the governments of United States of America and Canada to confront the SNSD and Milorad Dodik and protect the territorial integrity, souveregnity and wholeness of the State of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Emir Ramic

President of the Governing Board
Congress of North American Bosniaks