Blagaj Tekke (Tekija)

Blagaj Tekke (Tekija)

Have you heard of the Blagaj Tekke (Blagajska Tekija)?

Blagaj Tekke (Tekija) is a 600 year old Dervish monastery outside Mostar, built at the site of an old Bogomil sanctuary. It is situated in a picturesque and serene setting, at the base of a cliff next to the source of the river Buna.

​The Tekija was first mentioned in 1664 by Evliya Celebi (Evlija Celebija) in his famous Travelogue (Putopis). According to the official Tekija page (link below), at the time, the Tekija was already well-known throughout the Ottoman empire and within the scientific community. Those first written records refer to it as Sari Saltuk’s burial site, the famous Ottoman Dervish known for many legends.

The tomb (turbe) of Sari Saltuk in Blagaj is one of the places most often visited by the followers of Sufism.
The Tekija was actively open until its last shaykh Sejdo Sehovic died in 1925.

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Source: Blagajska Tekija Official Page