CBNA Attended Conference of Bosniak National Councils in Rozaje, Montenegro

CBNA Attended Conference of Bosniak National Councils in Rozaje, Montenegro

Aug 1, 2023 – The Office for the Coordination of Bosniak National Councils, held their 10th annual conference on July 29th, 2023 in Rožaje, Montenegro. The Office encompasses Bosniak Councils from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals (VKBI BIH)), Montenegro (Bosniak Council in Montenegro (BVuCG)), Serbia (Bosniak National Council in Serbia (BNV in Serbia)), North Macedonia (Bosniak National Council of North Macedonia) , Croatia (Coordination of Bosniak County Councils of the Republic of Croatia (KBŽVRH)), United States of America and Canada (Congress of Bosniaks of North America (CBNA)) and Kosovo (Bosniak representatives in the Consultative Council of Communities at the Cabinet of the President of Kosovo). The conference was hosted by the Bosniak National Council in Montenegro, chaired by Prof. Dr. Misala Pramenković (president of BNV in Serbia) and presided over by Secretary Emir Zlatar (VKBI BIH) with the following members of The Office in attendance: Suljo Mustafić and Mirsad Rastoder (BVuCG), Dr. Fuad Baćinanin (BNV in Serbia), Edhem Bičakčić (VKBI BiH), Dževad Hot (BNVSRM), Dr. Mirela Imširović (CBNA), Almedin Fejza, Dževahira Koljenović and Agim Ferati (Bosniak representatives of KVZ Kosovo) and via Skype Kadro Kulašin (KBŽVRH).

The Office for the Coordination of Bosniak National Councils is the first institutional framework for cooperation of relevant Bosniak organizations since the dissolution of the Republic of Yugoslavia. The Office’s whose primary task is to harmonize and round off the fundamental elements of Bosniak identity in the areas of language, literature, education, history, geography, art, music, artistic and cultural heritage, symbols of the Bosniak people, as well as monitoring and improving the position and status of Bosniaks in countries where Bosniak councils exist. Representatives of Bosniak national councils informed each other about their respective activities, projects and especially the position of Bosniaks in all countries where Bosniak councils have been established.

The Office for the Coordination of Bosniak National Councils agreed that the main event marking the thirteenth anniversary of the return of the name Bosniak and the Bosnian language (which was established by the Resolution of the First Bosniak Parliament held on 27/28. September 1992), will be held in Montenegro, hosted by the Bosniak Council in Montenegro on September 27 and 28, 2023.

The Office for the Coordination of Bosniak National Councils appointed an Organizing Committee tasked with the preparation, organization and execution of the “Conference of Bosniak Organizations and Institutions”, which is planned for the last quarter of 2024 in Sarajevo. The conference will address numerous open questions concerning the rights, status and identity of the Bosniak people as a whole.

The Office for the Coordination of Bosniak National Councils firmly supports and insists on the implementation of all judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fundamental reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina are necessary in order for Bosnia to function in accordance with the provisions of the Resolution 1513 of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly. All citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Bosniaks as the most numerous people of Bosnia, have the right to be represented in accordance with those provisions and principles.

Bosniak National Councils are of the opinion that all the states which emerged following the dissolution of Yugoslavia should be organized as states with full human rights and freedoms, where individual rights are prioritized and respected in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Furthermore, collective rights of each of the peoples in each state must be respected, especially when concerning identity.

The Office for the Coordination of Bosniak National Councils believes that Southeast European states, which are currently not members, should become full members of the European Union and the NATO alliance, for which the Bosniak National Councils will wholeheartedly advocate.

Bosniaks as a people have returned to the list of European nations and peoples, where they historically belonged for more than a millennium. This was certified and confirmed in the 21st century by the declaration of citizens in all countries where Bosniaks reside, when they identified as Bosniaks on their national census. It is therefore considered irresponsible to pose any questions about the Bosniak identity.

As clearly confirmed in countless historical documents – Bosniaks are an autochthonous, unique and indivisible European people, regardless of where they live today. The historical country of Bosnia, which throughout its history changed its borders and legal status, is undeniably the ancestral land of all Bosniaks (dobrih Bošnjana).

The hosts from BVuCG organized a visit to Plav and Gusinje, where members of The Office for the Coordination of Bosniak National Councils learned about the cultural heritage of Bosniaks in this region, and had a meeting with Bosniak officials who participate in the political life of Montenegro at the local and federal government level.