Happy Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Congress of Bosniaks of North America (CBNA) would like to wish all our members, as well as all Bosnian citizens across the world a happy Statehood Day.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Statehood Day is celebrated on November 25, commemorating the day that Bosnia’s statehood was restored by the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia, in 1943. On this day, the antifascist liberation movement, ZAVNOBiH, passed the decision to restore the country’s statehood within its historic borders. Bosnia and Herzegovina once again confirmed its multicultural and multi-ethnic history and reaffirmed that all its citizens would be entitled to equal rights.

Today, we honor Bosnia’s statehood and its multi-ethnic and multi-confessional history and we celebrate the country’s vibrant culture and institutions. CBNA continues our efforts to highlight the importance of moving Bosnia and Herzegovina forward, past ethnic divisions, and toward true democratic reforms, based on rule of law, respect for civic institutions, and equal rights for all citizens. We strive to continue emphasizing the fact that prosperity and democratic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina is significant for the overall stability of the Balkan region and of Europe as a whole.