Open letter to Ambassador Power regarding the candidacy of Vuk Jeremic as the next General Secretary of the UN

Dear Ambassador Power,

We are writing on the behalf and in the name of 350,000 Bosniaks residing in the US. Our plea in the form of this letter is regarding the candidacy of Vuk Jeremic as the next General -Secretary of the UN.

 Vuk Jeremic is well known for promoting Serb agenda at the UN while he was UN General Assembly president. One of the incidents was organizing a concert on 1/14/13 In the General Assembly hall with a song “March on Drina”, which was sang during the genocide in Srebrenica and during other war crimes committed by Serbian paramilitary in other towns across Bosnia. With this song at the UN, he has insulted thousands of victims of Serb genocide. This says more than enough of his moral values.

Electing Vuk Jeremic would be a colossal mistake considering that he doesn’t care about human rights, nor he respects the ICTY ruling that Serb paramilitary forces have committed genocide in Srebrenica. He has never condemned genocide, atrocities which Serb forces have committed in Bosnia, as well as in Kosovo and Croatia. Serbia, as a country which has committed aggression against Bosnia, was found guilty by the ICTY for “not preventing genocide” cannot uphold the post of the highest office in the UN. Serbs and Vuk Jeremic clearly do not deserve the highest post in the UN which requires respect of human rights, high moral values and respect of law. Serbia and Vuk Jeremic do not fill those requirements. Hence, Serbia and Vuk Jeremic do not deserve the position of the next General-Secretary of the UN.

Dear Ambassador Power, because we consider you “Bosnia’s child”, we hope that you will do everything in your power in order to prevent the candidacy of Vuk Jeremic as the next General-Secretary of the UN. We need someone who will respect human rights, someone who will respect court ruling and someone who will abide by the law. The UN cannot allow itself to elect a genocide denier as General Secretary. That would be a slap in the face to humanity.


Eldin Elezovic, President of the CNAB Board of Directors