Serbia’s New Announcements Threaten Another Conflict In The Balkans

Siege of SarajevoRecently, Obrad Kesic, a lobbyist for Republika Srpska and head of its Office of Representatives, announced in Washington, DC  for the Serbian portal, that “if we want to keep our national interests, then we will have to enter conflicts over our interests. If anyone interferes in the affairs of [Republika Srspka] and its existence becomes questionable, we have to be ready, even for the price of conflict.”

Other inflammatory comments were made by Serbia’s Chief Of Staff, Ljubisa Divkovic, who stated that “Serbia has to develop systems that can attack another territory because endangerment of its security and potential aggression would come from next door neighbors.” It is highly concerning that Mr. Divkovic seems to be threatening with preemptive strikes.

Meanwhile, after the United States Ambassador to Bosnia in Sarajevo, Maureen Cormack had announced that Serbia should respect Bosnia’s independence and integrity and not send Serbia’s foreign Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, to Republika Srpska, to be part of celebrating the self-proclaimed Day of Republika Sprska that was held in a lavish ceremony.  Mr. Vucic’s attendance was widely interpreted as defiance of Bosnia’s Constitutional Court order and a clear sign of disrespect for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sovereignty and integrity, a move which does not help to foster better neighborly relations between the two countries.

The United States representatives in the Balkans have stated that the Dayton Peace Accords need to be revised to prevent another conflict. These comments made by the Serbs who continue to destabilize the region with their rhetoric of Greater Serbia, are seemingly a warning and a threat that the Republika Srpska, which makes up 49 percent of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will continue to destabilize the region by perpetuating its calls for referendum, which is supported by Serbia. It is vital that the United States sends a strong message to Serbia’s Prime Minister and its radical President Tomislav Nikolic not to interfere with the affairs of Bosnia.  It is imperative that threats of another war will not be tolerated under any circumstances.