Lake Perucac,search for remains of killed Bosniaks end,some victims still missing

Serb Authorities Rushed Investigators to End the Search to Refill the Lake
Radio-TV of Federation of BiH (RTVFBiH) reported today that the search for remains of Bosniak victims in the Perućac Lake has ended.

 Families and relatives of the missing paid their final farewell to approximately 500 victims whose remains will “forever” stay in the depths of the Lake Perućac. Serbian authorities rushed to refill the lake forcing forensic investigators to end the search. The search of the lake and part of the Drina River, which marks the border between Serbia and Bosnia, started late July when water levels dropped to an historic low because of repairs being carried out on the dam. In a race against time, forensic investigators battled constant rain to recover hundreds of remains of Bosniak women, children and the elderly killed by Serbs in the 1992 Bosnian war. Remains belonging to more than 250 Bosnian Muslim victims from Višegrad, Srebrenica and Bratunac were exhumed from the lake.